Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What's New in the Second Edition?

Addressing some criticisms from reviews for the first edition, I have corrected technical errors throughout. Moreover, I have added a significant amount of material in the wake of the Myriad decision. A full new chapter discusses the decision itself and its reasoning. An expanded version of the "Science" chapter, now co-authored with Vanessa Gonzalez, PhD, a pharmacogenomics expert, includes illustrations and some new material as the science has advanced. I have added a chapter describing a complete ontology of invention and discovery that coalesces the reasoning behind my arguments into guidance for future issues where the distinctions between the two are likely to be called into question and pose issues for patent law, science, and innovation. As well, Kevin Noonan (a critic of my arguments) wrote a lengthy and informative foreword in which he offers the utilitarian arguments in favor of gene patents.

The work now should stand as a more complete record of my arguments, the legal status of gene patents, and an epoch of sorts that has come to a close, even as some questions linger, and new ones loom for future consideration.

I hope you enjoy it.

David Koepsell,
Mexico, D.F. 2015

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