Monday, March 1, 2010

Brief update

The blog is in a holding pattern these days, waiting for courts to do their thing, and trying not to hold my breath. There are still some promising developments to report in the fight against gene patents, including the fact that soon, The Australian Senate inquiry into gene patents should conclude with some form of decision. My friend Luigi Palombi has been heavily involved in that fight, and my fingers are crossed. A good decision there will give us momentum here, and, of course, vice versa.

Also, Congressman Becerra's bill, The Genomic Research and Accessibility Act is once again (or still) on the horizon. I hear that they are looking for a Senate sponsor, and then hopefully, that effort will move forward. The timing is right, with Sebelius confronted with making a decision on the recommendations of the panel regarding limiting gene patents, the ACLU case under deliberation, and continued and growing public attention to the issue, something has to break soon.

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