Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LA Times hits the nail on the head

Echoing many of my own sentiments, this editorial in the LA Times gets it right. The patents involved cover naturally-occurring entities, not artifacts, and as such fall squarely outside of what ought to be considered patentable subject matter. I have drafted an editorial of my own which I am shopping around, trying to focus the debate on this crucial issue, and clear up the purposeful confusion generated by pro-gene patent attorneys. As usual, Kevin Noonan over at Patent Docs disparages the editorial authors for getting everything wrong and not understanding patent law. This is the typical line. We understand it completely, just not the way you want us to do so, Kevin. Your interpretation strains logic, and reason, and protects your clients and your vested interests, but the public is beginning to see through this charade, and challenge the status-quo. Let's hope the judge does too.

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